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Prepared to the weight/portion size you require and just as you like it …Whole on the bone, scaled, gutted, trimmed, skinned, cleaned, filleted, vacuum-packed ready for freezing & even oven ready!

We stock all those essential ingredients to pimp up your fishy dish, offering you the best advice on how to create your seafood special. We also sell a small selection of seasonal veg to compliment your fish and a carefully selected range of deli products from local suppliers and small quality artisan producers.

Seafood Shack 3-11.jpg
  • Brill

  • Carlingford Oysters

  • Cockles

  • Cod - loin and fillet

  • Dover Sole

  • Fish Medley

  • Gilt head bream - whole

  • Grey Mullet

  • Gurnard

  • Haddock fillets

  • Hake steaks, loin & fillets

  • Halibut

  • Langoustines

  • Lemon Sole

  • Lobster

  • Marinated Fish

  • Mackerel – whole and fillets

  • Monkfish

  • Plaice

  • Rainbow Trout - whole

  • Red Mullet

  • Red Snapper

  • Salmon – Scottish sashimi grade

  • Sardines

  • Scallops

  • Sea Bass  - whole & fillets

  • Seasonal Mussels, Parloude & Razor clams

  • Skate wings

  • Speciality fish kebabs

  • Squid

  • Swordfish
  • Tail on deveined prawns
  • Tuna - sashimi grade

  • Turbot

  • Wild local Sea bass

  • Wild Nigerian prawns

  • Wild Salmon - seasonal

  • Whole prawns

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At the Shack, we can offer the best advice on how to prepare, cook and serve our super seafood!

Need some help, you have come to the right plaice!

Just ask for recipes & cooking tips, we may even lend you the odd recipe book or two 

If you want to talk fish, give us a bell.

All orders for our Seafood Platters require 48 hours notice

Live & Dressed Lobsters available to pre-order - subject to market availability


Please call the Shack directly on 0151 625 0795 to order


Polite notice - 

No orders by email or social media, please.

Check out our socials every morning on our socials – sea anything you fancy? 

 Call: 0151 625 0795

Every product sourced, freshest, best quality available.

Swimming Fish

Ocean Friendly





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